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We enable organisations and individuals to engage with each other through collaborative workshops and genuine dialogue

When it comes to the environment, integrating different perspectives and gaining broad agreement is crucial.

Whether it’s agreeing the management of a special area, deciding on the content of a strategic plan or bringing experts together to agree policy and best practice, the need for consensus is clear. Without it, plans lack the support needed for implementation, allies can become adversaries and positive results get lost in argument, delay and even legal challenge.


We understand that beginning constructive discussions between interested parties is time-consuming and often wrought with conflict, which is where our expertise really makes a difference.  We’ve worked with DEFRA, the Environment Agency, Natural England, local councils, national parks and many other organisations large and small to facilitate constructive dialogue around complex issues. This process greatly enhances support, social capital and ultimately leads to a smooth and successful outcome.

Two-time winners of the CIEEM Best Practice Award for Stakeholder Engagement in 2015 and 2018.



Steve Avery

Director of Strategy and Planning,

 New forest National Park


Davis Mason

LIFE Project Manager,

National Trust East of England


Mark Reed

Senior Lecturer, Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability

Learn the skills yourself

Good Practice Stakeholder Participation with a focus on the environment – November 20-22, 2018

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Learn the skills yourself

Good Practice Stakeholder Participation with a focus on the environment – 24th-26th September 2019