About dialogue matters

Who are we?

Diana Pound set up dialogue matters in 2000 to help people have better discussions and make better decisions about the natural environment. dialogue matters now includes a small core team of permanent staff with a pool of skilful associates who share our enthusiasm, skills and ethics.   

What do we care about?

We all care deeply about people and the natural world and the need for better decisions that lead to a sustainable future.

We firmly believe that well designed and skilfully facilitated stakeholder dialogue is key to this.  We enjoy meeting people who care enough to come to workshops and have their say and we regard it a privilege that they trust us to help them.

How do we approach our work?

Our core ethic is that respect for stakeholders should underpin all actions and decisions.  This means we first check that the process is genuine and that the sponsoring organisation is open to stakeholders having a real influence on the outcome.  When they are, we move ahead with good practice delivery. This includes effective design, thorough preparation, skilful facilitation and accurate reporting.

Our environmental background means we understand the language, organisations and issues in the discussion.  Our knowledge helps us ask the right questions, understand the answers, and, if required, express the combined knowledge and expertise of stakeholders in user-friendly reports.

Where do we work?

dialogue matters is based in the delightful medieval village of Wye at the foot of the North Downs in Kent, England - but we work all over the place.  Most of our work is in the UK but overseas places include Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.   

What have we achieved so far?

We have a strong track record and we get great feedback from sponsoring organisations, stakeholders and trainees alike.

So far we have designed over 55 processes, 90 workshops and trained over 900 people. For our work record to date click here.

We also work to promote good practice here and abroad


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