Ecosystem Approach 2008


Past Conference: The Ecosystem Approach July 2008

What does it mean in practice?

ecosystem approach... ecosystem services... ecosystem thinking

Are these just a bunch of buzzwords that can be used in pick and mix style to sound up-to-date with latest thinking?  Or do they represent practical concepts that can help us achieve a more genuinely sustainable future?

The conference included presentations on key concepts such as ecosystem function, ecosystem services and stakeholder participation.  There were also talks on projects that put the Ecosystem Approach into practice.   In workshop sessions people explored the opportunities and challenges of implementing the Ecosystem Approach.

Find below power points slides, the conference handout summarising each presentation, and the report of the workshop. 


Ecosystem Approach Workshop Handout

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Word for Word Report

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What is the Ecosystem Approach

Dr Diana Mortimer - Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)

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Systems Thinking

Prof Andy Lane - OU Systems Group

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Stakeholder Participation

Diana Pound

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Ecosystem Function

Philip Bubb - Ecosystem Assessment Programme of UNEP-WCMC

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Ecosystem Services

Prof Roy Haines Young and Dr Marion Potschin - Centre for Environmental Management at the University of Nottingham

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At a strategic level - The Defra Action Plan

Dr Robert Bradburne

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At organisational level - the challenge of delivery

Dr John Hopkins - Natural England

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At a local level - Thanet Coast

Diana Pound - dialogue matters

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