Natural Connections 2013


Natural Connections 2013

Natural Connections 2013 - the bigger picture

Our conference in 2013 was all about achieving more for wildlife and people across landscapes by thinking big.  That's bigger scale, broader involvement and bigger picture ideas and approaches.

The conference included

  • The latest news on the progress of implementing the Natural Environment White Paper
  • Inspiring success stories and unusual perspectives
  • Learning new approaches that work and hearing about resources and materials that can help
  • Being challenged and inspired by stories from the UK and elsewhere

We heard from some inspiring speakers about pioneering projects and new perspectives.

Find below power points slides and the conference handout summarising each presentation.


Conference Handout

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The future we want or deserve?

Gavin Saunders

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Where have we got to and where are we going?

Ian Barrett

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Climate Ready - Big Picture Adaption for the climate change challenge

Julian Wright

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Mental Red Tape

Robbie Sutton

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Working your assets - lessons from asset based thinking

Diana Pound

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The places we need - wellbeing and belonging

Eiluned Morgan

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Science, Art and Music - new insights about the natural world

Mark Reed

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Ecosystem Knowledge Network

Bruce Howard

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Planning for a healthy environment

Alister Hayes

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Participation at a grand scale - planning the Great Barrier Reef

Jon Day

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Landscape-scale conservation - notes from the frontline

Lisa Schneidau

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DIY - Communities taking the initiative

Lucy Quinnell/Jim Jones

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