We can now offer our best practice dialogue design, facilitation and training online!
Over the past few months we have successfully delivered online workshops and seminars and worked with organisations to make sure their projects won’t lose momentum!
We have scheduled a few online seminars, running from October to December 2020. To find out more see our Online Training page. 
If you think we can help your organisation with more complex, virtual workshops, training or meetings, please get in touch and let’s talk!

DIALOGUE MATTERS are experts in Stakeholder Dialogue and Facilitation. Our unique approach combines participatory learning and knowledge-sharing techniques to build consensus in environmental management scenarios. Our design process consistently obtains fantastic results, with parties reaching agreement on the best possible outcomes.

Dialogue absolutely matters.


We have been offering expert training in Stakeholder Participation and Facilitation for 20 years, and run both residential and in-house courses. Our training equips participants with the skills necessary to understand, design and run their own effective participation processes. We have successfully trained delegates from many organisations, including the Wildlife Trusts, Natural England and DEFRA.

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