Clients and Testimonials

We have worked in 28 countries with a variety of organisations and businesses. Some clients need us to design a bespoke stakeholder facilitation process, others want to train their staff in stakeholder participation and how to be best equipped for handling stakeholder dialogue. Some projects we work on from the start, others call us in at a late project stage to help with a challenging stakeholder project because they feel they need some expert help.

We’ve run over 160 workshops with more than 70 organisations including The National Trust, DEFRA, Natural England, The Wildlife Trust, UNESCO and many others. We’ve worked with local, regional, continental and global organisations of all sizes – and a lot of them keep coming back to us! The project backgrounds we worked on so far included (but aren’t limited to) Water, Sea, Farming, Recreation and Climate Change.

Here’s some of the feedback that we have received over the years:

Davis Mason
National Trust of England
LIFE Project Manager

There has definitely been a shift in people’s perceptions and attitudes to what we are trying to achieve. Also from here an appreciation of the value of this process. Listening to people, allowing them to be heard and have a real input into the decisions we are taking and information we are putting out has generated a positive feeling from those involved.

Steve Avery
New forest National Park
Director of Strategy and Planning

I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone seeking to resolve conflict and to better understand different viewpoints.

Mark Reed
Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability
Senior Lecturer

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and the amazing job you did under a very challenging brief! I couldn’t have wished for things to go better but more than anything it was just great being able to trust you to do a great job and keep everything under control.

Adrian Clarke
National Trust

I have never seen such expert facilitation before – the level of detail that went into the pre-planning to ensure workshops and meetings went smoothly was staggering – and highly effective.

Rosemary Selling
Stronger Kent Communities

The Away Day has been very helpful in developing the strategic plan for SKC and has given the plan new life! I would be very happy to recommend you to other colleagues.

Steven Husbands

I had a blast and this was definitely one of the best, if not the best, workshops I have attended. Absolutely the best facilitators and facilitation process to date.

Jovo Pokrajac

It was fantastic, mostly because everyone was included. I would like to participate in training like this again if ever I had the chance – phenomenal experience!

Manager of Programme

Heartfelt thanks for your excellent contribution to this project, which was an un-contested success.

Institute of Marine Science Norway
Principal Scientist

It was a pleasure working with you – and the stakeholders were of the same opinion. A job well done!

Sarah Curtin
Devon and Severn Ifca
Environment Officer

Very informative and good mix between interactive and listening….I learned a lot of useful techniques and learned about myself

David Bavin

Huge input of energy from the team – great investment in the experience for participants.

Sean P Kelly
Northern Ireland Environment Link
Development Manager

I think you have done an excellent job in very trying and constantly changing circumstances.

A selection of national and international clients we have worked with include:

National Clients

National Trust

Working group and forum for ongoing communication and action at Hatfield Forest

SE Wildlife Trusts

Effective delivery in the SW Wildlife Trusts

Aberdeen University

Sustainability research in developing countries

East of England Biodiversity Forum

Regional biodiversity strategy

Westminster City Council

Biodiversity action planning


Peer review of ecosystem approach research

Dorset Coastal Pathfinder

Building a facilitation network for coastal change

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Environmental Omics Science Workshop

Isle of Man

A new marine nature reserve for the IoM

International Clients

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Building fresh momentum and team working at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Review of the European Banks’ public information policy

UNESCO, World Water Council, International Water Association and IIASA

Water futures and solutions

SEE (South Eastern Europe) River Projects

Review, evaluation and mentoring of projects on integrated management of international river corridors in SEE countries

PERSGA Secretariat to the Jeddah Convention

UN Convention for biodiversity management of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

EU – DG Environment

EU assessing biodiversity achievements

African Technology and Policy Studies Network

Organisational change for African research network

SINP (Croatian Nature Conservation Agency)

Stakeholders and Natura 2000 sites in Croatia