Creative Horizons for Climate and Nature

Outputs from the Hatfield Forest Report

Including young people in your Climate and Nature decisions?

Capture their ideas with Dialogue Matters’ Creative Horizons

What are young people thinking and feeling about the climate and nature emergency? What actions can young people take to help secure all our futures? How can you best unlock the win-wins in your area, create lasting social value and build momentum for change?

By engaging with young people in your area you will bring new value to activities focused on tackling the climate and nature emergency. Dialogue Matters will work with you to help catalyse rapid change in your communities.

Dialogue Matters take a holistic systems view and will help you to do the same, play to strengths and bring people with you. That’s what we have been doing for nearly 20 years.

 “Adults think they know what teenagers want but they don’t. Its too long since they were our age and life for a teenager has changed.’’


’Being near the beach is a nice feature for a town but living there does make me worried about the environmental impact that global warming might have to the town, e.g. rising sea levels leading to flooding of the town.’’

Outputs from Hatfield Forest

If you want a one-off event for rapid creative thinking, or a more measured process, Dialogue Matters can deliver.

Dialogue Matters will ensure you include young people, take a creative approach, build fresh momentum, and catalyse change to help you succeed in your climate and nature emergency goals.

Our Options

Depending on your organisation’s needs, we have different options available to build fresh momentum and reach your climate and nature goals.

Young People -Creative Horizons

Young people in your area get to express their vision and priorities in their way through rap, song, dance, drama and art. They explore and create in the morning and share and exhibit in the afternoon. We record the outcomes to share with you, so you can align actions to build that future. Young people may want to take action too and we can help them create a climate and nature youth forum to do just that.

Effectively listen to young people and captured their vision and ideas

1 Day Event + Recording

£ POA (+expenses & VAT)

Young People – Mini Public

Tap into an existing group of representative young people from local organisations or a youth council in your area. They will start with what they experience of the nature and climate emergency, learn about facts and figures and recommend priority actions to reduce negative impact and build climate and nature resilience. Actions will focus on what everyone can do: local authorities, local business, communities and individuals.

Youth-generated priorities and actions to guide your decision-making

2 Day Event + Report

£ POA (+ expenses & VAT)

What Do the Different Options Offer Your Organisation?

Dialogue Matters Will
Young People -Creative Horizons
Young People Mini-Public
Design the Process
Project Manage
Lead & Facilitate Events
Capture Outputs
Report (inc. 1 redraft)
Participants Will
Explore Themes
Express Ideas
Share Experience
Identify Gaps
Learn Facts
Create Solutions
Set Priorities
Build Reference Group

Contact us when you are ready to:

  • Get Young People Involved
  • Build Fresh Momentum
  • Prioritise and Catalyse Change
  • Find and Deliver Win-Wins

Alternatively you can contact our Climate and Nature Lead, Ross, directly: