Engagement for Climate and Nature

Climate and Nature – Now is the time to turn words into action

It is becoming increasingly clear that behaviour change is needed to meet targets of net zero carbon. Are you looking to take a bold approach to address your authority’s goals? We believe that the key to long-term success lies with engaging with people, so they come up with their own solutions to the issues that are close to their lives. Effective engagement design and facilitation will bring people from all walks of life and different opinions together – incubating relevant and workable individual and community-led activities that last.

It is possible to unlock social capital, drive behaviour change and create win-wins through effective engagement from the start. “How?” we hear you ask.

At Dialogue Matters we design and deliver engagement and training which catalyses change.  We have over 20 years’ experience in designed deliberative dialogue – taking a bold approach to deliver lasting results. We get the best from people, giving you great value for money.

Contact Dialogue Matters when you are reading to tackle the difficult conversations, and to deliver long-term results addressing the climate and nature challenges.

Our Options

Depending on your organisation’s needs, we have different options available to drive change and ensure long-term success.

Advise or Consult


You’ve got the team ready to engage, but want a second opinion on your approach… or perhaps you’ve run a workshop or event and didn’t achieve the outcomes you’d hoped for… or maybe you just want a helping hand and some neutral guidance? Benefit from Dialogue Matters’ experience and approach. Great Value!

Get constructive feedback or guidance on design and/or delivery, improving your chances of success.

From £600 (+VAT)

Training In-house


Dialogue Matters pioneered effective engagement with people from different backgrounds, conflicting opinions, and experiences. We’ve trained more than 2,000 people in our award-winning approach to design and deliver successful engagement events, prepare for and handle conflict. We’ll help your team get results.

Invest in your team and improve chances of delivering effective engagement, meetings, and workshops.

1-3 days Training for up to 15 people

From £2,100 – £6,300 (+ expenses & VAT)

Initial Engagement


If you’ve already identified the topics you want people to focus on, you’ve gone too far! To effectively address climate & nature impacts with people, rewind and find out what makes them tick, what they experience of climate change, how they deal with it, and what’s important to them. Be bold, change perspective and change the future.

Find out how people experience climate and nature and how they deal with adversity and build it into your plans.

Designed Deliberative Dialogue event

From £8,700 (+ expenses & VAT)

On-going Consensus Building

Build a long-term process of engagement and action planning crossing different interests and perspectives.  Create holistic solutions that deliver across silos and sectors – so one person’s solution doesn’t cause unintended consequences for someone else.  Those involved explore and fully understand what is working, build on strengths and agree what needs fixing, developing actions that deliver over the long-term.

Take a holistic approach to engagement with clear priorities founded on quality decisions.

Multiple Engagement Events + Reporting

£POA (+ expenses & VAT)

What Do the Different Options Offer Your Organisation?

Dialogue Matters Will
Advise or Consult
DM Training In-house
Initial Engagement
On-going Consensus Building
Advise and Guide
Lead & Facilitate Events
Capture Outputs
Participants Will
Explore Themes
Express Ideas
Share Experience
Identify Gaps
Learn Facts
Understand Impacts
Create Solutions
Set Priorities
Plan Actions
Build Reference Group

Contact us when you are ready to:

  • Get People Involved
  • Build Fresh Momentum
  • Prioritise and Catalyse Change
  • Find and Deliver Win-Wins

Alternatively you can contact our Climate and Nature Lead, Ross, directly: ross.freeman@dialoguematters.co.uk