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Environment and Sustainability Policy

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Here at Dialogue Matter we are committed to environmental sustainability and comply with relevant environmental and waste regulations. We are constantly looking to improve our environment and carry out the following measures.

In the office

  • Use recycled or renewable source paper
  • Print double sided when possible
  • Reuse paper that is only printed on one side
  • Minimise our printing to the essentials
  • Use email for communications, including invoicing
  • Separate and recycle all our own waste paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastics
  • Recycle IT equipment including all printer cartridges
  • Use energy from a green electricity supplier (landlords discretion)
  • Use wood from renewable sources in office furniture
  • Have heating on timers to reduce energy consumption
  • Use blinds to reduce excessive heat and open windows (rather than air conditioners)


  • Reduce travel
  • Having several meetings in a day in a particular location if possible
  • Have team or work planning meetings with associates in the evenings whilst away on other work together
  • Teleconference or Skype when appropriate
  • Use trains when it is an option, materials can be couriered and there will not be a considerable loss of time
  • Share car transport wherever possible
  • When flying abroad aim to choose companies with greener reputation where possible
  • Emissions Offsetting with Pure – The Clean Planet Trust


Training and events

  • Use water based pens for facilitation work
  • Recycle waste paper from facilitated events
  • Encourage clients to use venues and caterers with environmental policies
  • Ask for return of badges and pens to reduce consumption
  • Ask for jugs of water not individual bottles



  • Use bottled glass not plastic drinks bottles
  • During courses ask participants to write their name on glasses for the day to save on replacements
  • Use local sourced and organic food whenever possible


  • Source renewable/recycled/eco label stationary where possible
  • Purchase fair trade office supplies when available