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Online Workshops and Training
We now offer all of our training and workshops online!
online meetings

In the current ever changing circumstances we need to be able to adapt and change. While standard face-to-face meetings and workshops are currently not an option, we know that these can be done online instead!

At the end of March we successfully trained an organisation online in Best Practice Evidence Policy Making – a course that was originally going to happen face-to-face. We are also working with other project stakeholders to make a change to a (temporary) online-only process, so that momentum isn’t lost. We want to encourage anyone not to put any projects on hold, but to consider switching them to an online delivery instead. This is certainly also possible for any ongoing stakeholder facilitation work and larger projects – but if this seems a little daunting, just contact us discuss your options. We really do believe there is not time to put work around the environment and nature on hold and we can help projects maintain dialogue, collaboration and momentum in an online world.

And lastly, for anyone who is feeling a little insecure about holding and attending online meetings and workshops, we have put together a guide to help you navigate through online meetings. You can download this here.

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