Our Courses

Bespoke training and workshops

Dialogue Matters has been training people and organisations in Stakeholder Participation and Stakeholder Dialogue for over 20 years. We offer a range of 1 to 3-day training courses in stakeholder participation, communication and engagement, and team building. Bespoke, in-house, Stakeholder Participation workshops can also be designed to suit our clients’ individual requirements.
All of our courses are supported by a minimum of two trainers and all participants will receive a high quality reference manual and access to a range of online resources.

Throughout the year we also offer Stakeholder Participation training at our offices in Kent, UK. This 3-day training programme is the definitive foundation course for environmental managers and researchers. For upcoming course dates and how to book please visit our online booking page.

Training Courses

We offer various training courses, all centered around Stakeholder Dialogue and Stakeholder Participation. The course length and content can be adapted for in-house training.

Good Practice Stakeholder Participation

This is the definitive foundation course for environmental managers and researchers. Course contents include practical facilitation skills, session planning, interpersonal facilitation skills and working with stakeholders. Our Good Practice Stakeholder Participation training is usually delivered over three days, but can be adapted and shortened.

Small Group Facilitation and Refresher

This short course is suitable for anybody who has previously completed our Stakeholder Participation course and just wants to brush up on their skills a little; or for those looking to facilitate a small group of people. This course is much shorter and usually runs for half to three quarters of a day.

Impact Matters

This course is structured around the 3 levels of communication and engagement in research: knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange and knowledge co-creation. It includes key principles, tools and methods for each level. The course is grounded in knowledge exchange research, and aims to build the participant’s confidence in both the theory and practical, putting researchers on the leading edge of good practice engagement.

Range of methods and techniques

We employ a range of methods and techniques, drawing on the most appropriate and effective for each situation. We are experts in stakeholder dialogue and consensus building; practitioners of De Bono facilitation and thinking systems; and we facilitate constructive thinking, group process consultancy, open space, social surveys, multiple intelligence and more.

Our processes, methods and expert facilitation mean decisions are technically sound, fully transparent and accountable. It also means decisions are easy to implement, as all interested parties have agreed the best way forward. The collaborative way in which we work also increases social capital, establishes trust and cooperation, empowers local communities and often secures long-term buy-in and engagement to projects, resulting in additional voluntary work too.

“The course came highly recommended and it exceeded expectations.”


“Excellent. Learnt a huge amount; good split between practice and theory.”

Engaging Communications

This 1-day course combines theory and practical sessions to explore levels of communication and engagement, and looks at skillful communication as a crucial aspect of success when working in the environmental field. Course contents include understanding levels of influence, structuring communication and writing for the public.

Team Building

Did you know that we also offer Team Building events? Our Team Matters initiative offers team events that will help motivate your staff and your organisation to move forward.

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