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Enabling innovative thinking through best practice stakeholder dialogue

We undertake commissioned research for a variety of bodies including government departments and the third sector. This includes semi-structured interviews, literature reviews, workshops and innovative participatory sessions. We bring to this, the highest quality standards possible within the budget and timeframe.


Our workshops are at the core of our work and we believe in many cases they are most efficient way to gain an understanding of stakeholder views. The way that we record what is said during our workshops means the data can be easily analysed and used for research purposes.

Semi-structured interviews

Our team members have a strong grounding in social science, so we can help you by design and perform semi-structured interviews for research purposes both online and in-person depending on your needs. Semi-structured interviews can be useful when you are looking to gain a detailed understanding of people opinions around a particular topic. We have performed semi-structured interview research for the Scottish Government, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and the Northern Ireland Environment Link.

Online surveys

We can also design and distribute online surveys to gather information and opinions from a wider range of participants. Online surveys are useful for providing a broad understanding of a topic and collecting factual or numeric data. We often use online surveys in combination with our other methods.

Literature reviews

We have a great deal of experience doing literature reviews and incorporating the findings into larger research projects. Our system for collecting, reviewing and summarising means we can perform a cost effective and rapid review of the literature.

Analysing outputs and reporting

Our team is very experienced at processing and analysing considerable amounts of qualitative data and presenting it in our ‘Word for Word’ reports, making it comprehensible and usable. To avoid confirmation bias, we don’t search for pre-determined criteria or key words. Our approach avoids the risk of missing new, nuanced, and alternative perspectives.

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