Residential Stakeholder Participation Training Courses

Our Residential Best Practice Participation Course

Periodically, Dialogue Matters run a residential training course at our offices in Kent, UK. These fantastic courses bring individuals from a variety of organisations and backgrounds together to share their experiences and receive training in Dialogue Matters’ Best Practice Participation skills over 3 days.

Our intensive course is highly comprehensive and suitable for those working at all levels in the environmental sector – from university students to experienced practitioners. There’s something new to learn for all.

And don’t worry, we sort all your accommodation and food, so it’s a stress-free experience and you can focus on making the most of the training course.

Briefly, what does the course cover?

Our intensive foundation course includes the following elements:


  • Theory and models are used to explain key concepts which underpin good practice
  • Our own experience and case examples are used to illustrate points made


  • Learning how to scope the context for participation including identifying issues, stakeholders and information needs
  • Process design
  • Event design
  • Task design
  • Facilitation techniques
  • How to encourage co-operative behaviour in workshops
  • Recording skills
  • Output management and processing

The course emphasis is to equip people with the necessary understanding and skills to design and deliver effective participation processes or to recognise when it is inappropriate for them to do so and an impartial third party is required.

During training courses we provide each participant with the opportunity to practise skills and receive constructive feedback from participants and trainers.

Corporate rate pp* Standard rate pp*
Training Fee £775 £597
Accommodation, meals, venue £425 £425
Total GBP excl. VAT £1200 £1022
VAT 20% GBP £240 £204.40
Total incl. VAT £1440 £1226.40
*Corporate rate means from an organisation with five or more employees
*Standard rate means for people working in public service and academia

Where is the course?

We are incredibly lucky that our offices are situated in a rural Kentish village, East Brabourne, with the Kent Downs on our doorstep! Weather permitting, we always head out for a stroll during our training course so you’ll get an opportunity to enjoy the scenery and some fresh air too. Accommodation and meals are usually booked in a nearby village, Wye.

When is the next one?

We haven’t scheduled the next course date just yet but will do so very soon. The best way to hear about our planned courses is to keep updated with newsletter. To sign up visit our contact us page or follow us on social media.

Can I have some more information?

Contact us at to ask any questions or receive more information about our residential course.