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Choosing the right service to achieve your goal

Enabling innovative thinking through best practice stakeholder dialogue

Through years of expertise we can help you:

Build consensus

Our workshops help people with different interests share understanding and come to mutually acceptable and sustainable ways forward.

Inspire passion for nature

We can help you to build momentum and inspire stakeholders to take action.

Allow voices to be heard

Empowering and enabling people to contribute equally is at the very heart of the Dialogue Matters ethos.

Reach decisions

Our carefully crafted dialogue processes result in great decisions that are informed by all perspectives.

Train collaborative skills

We have trained approximately 2000 people to facilitate better dialogue and reach better outcomes

Ignite fresh ideas

The way we design our processes and workshops stimulates fresh thinking and innovations.

Do you need support in facilitation, research,
training, process design or advice?

We offer a range of best practice approaches to best suit your context. Book an initial commitment free call with a team member to support you in making the right choice. Whether you are a environmental professional, academic, researcher, international commissioner, from a government body, or involved in the environment industry in another way, we are here to find an approach that works for you.

Dialogue process

We can help you run dialogue processes that use best practice participation methods to share knowledge, create a vision, build consensus, make decisions, and plan actions. Each of our processes are tailored to the specific context and subject under consideration.


Our workshops are highly interactive and engaging. Our workshop design and skilled facilitation can increase what is covered by as much as ten times. We design based on parallel thinking, consensus building, constructive framing, and environmental psychology.

Training courses

We ground our training in our direct experience of designing well over 100 processes and 200 workshops in various situations. Our approach is rooted in consensus building and Stakeholder Dialogue, but we also draw upon other approaches and techniques.


We carry out research into best practice to provide advice to governments, research institutes and international organisations. We constantly review our own practice and are known for our innovation

Residential Stakeholder
Participation Training Course

Our Residential Best Practice Participation Course

Speak to an expert for advice – zero commitment

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