Penstock Hall Farm, Canterbury Road, Brabourne, Kent, TN25 5LL

What we do

What we do

We have won multiple awards for our work. Amongst others we’ve been awarded the CIEEM Award in 2015 and 2018 for Best Practice Stakeholder Engagement.

We are experts in Stakeholder Dialogue, Process Design and Facilitation. We provide residential and in-house training around stakeholder facilitation and dialogue, policy making, communication (as well as other topics). We also work with organisations and institutions on stakeholder processes and get people together in stakeholder workshops.

We are passionate about the natural environment and our processes are designed to encourage agreement in how to manage it in the best possible way. We help people share knowledge and make decisions that benefit people, places and nature.

Our work ranges from helping communities solve local challenges to assisting UN conventions and international organisations to work strategically with others.

So far we have

  • worked with over 70 organisations in 28 countries
  • designed over 100 case-specific processes
  • facilitated over 160 workshops
  • trained over 2,000 people

Our previous stakeholder engagement project work includes stakeholder engagement work for the National Trust at Hatfield Forest; our Youth Voice work with Natural England; and a project around Community and Stakeholder empowerment for the Scottish Government.

Our Approach

Our approach to facilitation is unique and is what sets us apart. Our process design expertly combines a mix of participatory learning and knowledge-sharing techniques. Processes can vary from a single workshop to many, involve anything from 8 to 160 people, and range from scenarios with high tension to those with none, across cultures, languages and interests.

The work we do helps communities make better decisions, maximises their resources for action and provides projects with greater momentum. To find out more about our work take a look at the case studies below. We truly believe the work we do makes a huge difference to people and the planet. But don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at what others say about our work.

Take a look at our case studies

Hatfield Forest
Hatfield Forest

A Best Practice and Award Winning Case Study of Stakeholder Participation

Isles of Scilly
Isles of Scilly

“Making the most of the islands” – A case study from the Isles of Scilly


Pioneering co-production in the creation of Jersey’s first national park

  • We help build consensus on often contentious issues
  • We facilitate and mediate to protect the best interests of all
  • We train others in the holistic, collaborative process that is stakeholder participation and in the highly transferable skills of facilitation
  • We are on a continual path of learning, innovation and the dissemination of knowledge, so that others can be empowered by the skills and knowledge they acquire
  • We have a deep understanding and commitment to the environment, and are passionate about helping people influence decisions that affect them and the landscape
  • We consistently see fantastic outcomes from stakeholder dialogue because, having explored the constraints and options, all parties agree on the best possible outcome