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Online Meetings & Workshops

Changing Times: Moving to Online Meetings & Workshops

If you are looking for guidance on better online meetings you’ve come to the right place! In the current ever changing circumstances we need to be able to adapt and change. While standard face-to-face meetings and workshops are currently not an option, we know that these can be done online instead! Our free guide on better online meetings can be downloaded from our website for free, here.

This first edition had to be done at speed in response to a plea for help by leaders of nature organisations.  It has got plenty of hints and tips to help you up your skills….. whether you are new to this game or an  old hand at online meetings.

Our guide includes:

  • before during and after guidance for hosts
  • a guidance note to send to participants in advance (word doc version available for you to tailor to your needs)
  • a feedback form to send to participants in bigger meetings (also available in word) so you can keep  learning what works for your group
  • other resources include: hand signal conventions. body language suggestions, and even conference call bingo… for light relief!

Have you got any questions regarding this guide or need help with online meeting or training? Contact us to discuss! Now that we have created the first version of this guide we’d also like to hear your suggestions for what to add to the second edition. Let us know what we have missed and your experiences with online meetings.

Download our Better Online Meeting Guide (edition 2, updated May 2020):

Download the Online Meeting Guidance & Feedback document:


We also recently offered a free webinar with CIEEM on Better Online Meetings – you can watch it here.

Need help with a project? We can assist!

Much of our work is about the nature and climate crisis, and it really can’t wait. So don’t put everything on hold. We can now offer our best practice dialogue design, facilitation and training… online!

To give you a flavour, we are helping the following projects maintain dialogue, collaboration and momentum in an online world:

• A partnership team re-imagining their ‘greener community’ project
• Online consensus building to agree a strategy for managing natural areas across Europe
• International dialogue about climate change research
• Researchers collaborating and innovating across disciplines
• Training – with our first online course for researchers on having impact on policy and practice

We are also pushing forward our own initiative to catalyse conversations about a greener, gentler and kinder future.

We know we currently live in uncertain, difficult and worrying times. But from our work we know some of the greatest transformations are birthed in the most difficult situations. That’s because times of disruption open up new ideas and new possibilities and shock us out of complacency, or the idea that the way we do things is the only way they can be done.

So if we put our minds and hearts to it, we can all come out of this with a better way of living and a much brighter future for our precious world.